Riant Engineers LTD


Riant Engineers Ltd provides comprehensive mechanical engineering services for commercial, public, and institutional projects. We are dedicated to providing cost effective solutions with emphasis on efficiency and flexibility. This dedication, from the early stages of project planning until completion has resulted in many satisfied clients that have recommended our engineering services to others for their projects.
We are continually looking for ways to exceed expectations and make our services better. As industry codes and standards change, our engineering design standards and specifications also evolve; resulting in specifications and drawings that meet all applicable codes, promote high quality construction, and create a high-quality project works for the client.
Riant possesses experienced team to carry out different industrial Mechanical jobs. We have local expert to carry out mechanical installation work of machines, equipment`s and Steel construction works.

Our works include:

• Installation, Erection and Maintenance of types of machinery like Industrial
Heavy types of machinery, Boiler, Compressor, Generator, Industrial Pump,
Motor, Cooling tower, Condenser, etc.
• Installation and Erection of Industrial Pipeline, Duct Line, Pipe
• Gantries and support system with other accessories like foot valve,
gate valve, butterfly valve, etc.
• Installation, Maintenance, and commissioning of Steam/ gas turbine.
• Installation, Fabrication and Erection of BIG volume Industrial Tank
• Installation and Fabrication of Steel trusses and Tower
• Installation and fabrication of all kinds of SS work like SS Tank, SS pipe
Line, Hopper, Chute, etc.
• Installation and Fabrication of Steel structure
• Scaffolding works
• Sandblasting, Painting, and Insulation work.
• Shipbuilding works.
• Fire Fighting System.

Few of the worth mentioning Mechanical Jobs:

• Supply Fabrication and Installation of HFO Tank at Opposing Pharma Ltd. –Ongoing.
• Supply Fabrication and Installation of Caustic Soda (NAOH) SS Tank at Sinha Group –ongoing.
• Fabrication and installation of 220RT Chillier Pipe Line at Noverties
Bangladesh Ltd in 2015.
• installation Supply and Fabrication of Fire Pump Pipe Line at Noverties
Bangladesh ltd in 2015.
• Fabrication and installation of Air Compressor and Cooling tower Pipe line at
Unilever Bangladesh Ltd. At 2015.
• Maintenance /overhauling of 12 MW steam turbine with replacement of
corroded Rotor Blades
• Turnkey Project of Mechanical installation and fabrication of Surfexcel Factory in Unilever at Tongi Gazipur.
• Design, Erection and Fabrication of Dust Collector Pipe Line in SFXL Tongi Gazipur.
• Pipe Line Installation and Fabrication at Dignity Textile Mills Ltd in related to installation of GE Engine (Clarke Energy).
• Water Treatment Plant Tank Like Water Clarifier, Water Softer Tank Supply
• Installation and Fabrication at Abdul Monem Sugar Refinery in 2007.
• Scaffolding works at Shutdown in Lafarge Surma Cements Mils Ltd.
• Platform Fabrication and Erection in Noverties Bangladesh Ltd.
• SS (Stainless Steel) work, like Pipe Line, Chute, Hopper, Conveyor etc in
• Unilever Bangladesh Ltd, General Pharmaceuticals, and Radiant Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
• Fabrication and Erection of Steel Structure with mezzanine floor at Tongi
• Gazipur in Unilever Bangladesh Ltd.
• Checking and polishing of bearings and balancing of the turbine
• Total project work in Textile factory
• Boiler installation works
• Steel construction works in different private projects.

Project Gallery

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