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How to write Demo Articles for Practice 3

Is it possible to complete an introduction, engage with a Vision Generation Demo, segue into a Discovery conversation, deliver a brief Technical Proof Demo, and execute a soft close in a 45- or 60-minute call?


Let’s explore the strategy and mechanics to accomplish this…

But First – Some Perspective

Many software vendors have partitioned their sales and presales teams into tiers to address different prospect organizations, typically by prospect size and revenues:

  • Enterprise – largest prospects; largest revenue opportunities
  • Mid-market – mid-size prospects; mid-sized orders
  • SMB – smallest prospects; smallest deals

Enterprise prospects generally enjoy working with the most seasoned sales and presales teams; Mid-market prospects are aligned with sales and presales folks with somewhat less experience; and the SMB prospects are often the training ground for the vendor’s newest hires into sales and presales.

And while Enterprise and Mid-market segments experience full sales cycles (and buying processes), SMB prospects are often relegated to “transactional” sales processes, based on economics:  the smaller revenues of SMB orders can’t justify the time and expense of full sales cycles and veteran vendor teams.

But here is the first potential disconnect:  what is small to the vendor may be large to the prospect.

Visualize the owner of a small business – responsible for the livelihoods of 50 employees, struggling to generate $6 million in annual revenues to keep the business growing.  Profits may be a few $10,000s, after salaries, benefits, and operating expenses.  Investing in a new “core” software system may represent a big chunk of these funds.

Accordingly, an order of $20-25K for the vendor is a drop in the overall revenues bucket – but to the prospect that same amount constitutes the major investment of the year (or next several years)!

Similarly, the SMB owners need to get it right the first time – a failed implementation would be disastrous, and a sub-optimal system could hamstring growth.  It’s an important decision!

And here’s another disconnect…

Contemplate our SMB owner – operating the business for 20+ years and 40, 50 or 60 years old – interacting with the vendor’s SMB rep, which one owner described as “a kid, fresh out of college, with no experience in the industry, trying to sell me his software in a 30-minute Zoom call…”

From the owner’s perspective, there’s no credibility, no trust, no expectation of a long-term relationship – these are serious challenges for both parties.  Not a good starting point!

Inbound vs. Outbound?  Request for Demo?

As a prospect, I’m not a fan of receiving outbound calls from vendors – I don’t like the interruptions or the attempted “gimmicks” to engage.  For this article, let’s assume that all leads are inbound or that the vendor rep has already established comparable interest if the call was outbound.

Let’s also assume that our prospect has engaged by requesting a demo from the vendor.  Accordingly, there is an expectation in the prospect’s mind that the vendor should be prepared to present a demo, which puts our vendor in the classic (sad) situation of the seller not knowing enough about the prospect and vice versa…!

The following process is a proven cure for this ailment and the disconnects identified above…

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